New Life on the Farm

There are new babies on the farm!

We were not sure if our pig Bella was pregnant but apparently she was! ( we have so much to learn lol)

Rebekah went to say hello to the pigs  and when Bella refused to look at her she called again. This time Bella stood up and glared.
Three squiggly piglets squirmed out from under her!!
Rebekah came a running to tell us!!

Since the goats are not due til February these little ones, two sows and a boar, are getting all the outside baby attention.

Meanwhile inside the cabin we have more new life!

This is one of three new little kittens that Desiree has graced us with.  In this case if you have seen one , you have seen all. Lol. They all look alike.

And that is what's new on the farm. Life!


  1. We have been lucky-so far only kittens. I am hoping nothing else has babies till spring.....

  2. How sweet! I wish we could have kittens. We just have one kitty that everyone has to share :)

  3. Oh, new life is always so exciting! I plan on getting baby chicks in March, and that will be a fun addition to our life here in the woods :)