Immune Boosting Teas

Recently I was blessed to be able to buy some herb teas to help strengthen our immune systems, and being the blogger I am I thought I would share them with you! I was even kind enough to add affiliate links :)

Milk thistle tea- milk thistle detoxes and cleanses our liver so it can do it's job of detoxing and cleansing our bodies. It also helps lower cholesterol. I don't think it has much of a taste so don't worry that you won't like it- just doctor it up with honey :)

Dandelion tea- aids in digestion, purifies the blood, helps your body with it's detoxing, aids in weight loss, and much more!

Peppermint tea- this amazing little tea has actually been scientifically documented as helping to lessen tb!!!
As well as helping with any digestive issues and hay fever and shingles , it can actually help with prostate  cancer too!  I am not a doctor or herbalist but boy I know how to read and research! Try this article 

Stinging nettle tea- helps ease mucus,  helps with arthritis and painful muscles ( hello fibro sufferers) ,  urinary tract infections and it's overall antioxidants  make a worthwhile tea.

I think teas are easier to get my kids to drink that tinctures and such, even tho I use those too. So that is why I chose these products.

Sleep, another way God uses to heal our bodies. Shhh, don't tell him I took this!

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  1. My older girls and I enjoy tea, but my younger ones don't like to drink it :( I've been studying up on homeopathic remedies though, which have helped us immensely--more than herbs and essential oils. Right now we are preparing for flu season. The homeopathic remedies are inexpensive too! Thanks for sharing the info on the teas!

    1. We love homeopathic remedies too! They are what I started using years ago when I started this path if natural health!!

  2. Great info~ glad you are back to blogging! please stay! you have alot of good info to share!