Knowing that bad storms were coming our way I started to prepare.
I ran to town to stock up on a few things. Yes, I like to prep but money doesn't always allow that and now is one of those times.
First I had to see what all I had. A bag of basmati rice that screamed for a chicken to mix in.
A bag of potatoes that I thought some cheese would go on for a great lunch.
Oatmeal that needed syrup. I had cornmeal that could make cornbread. Beans I could simmer on the fire.

I also planned pancakes, tuna salad,potato soup, rice topped with brown sugar and butter for a quick breakfast and a few bags of nuts for snacks. We will make cookies too.

I also made sure I had all the animal feed, propane and gas for the generator.
A trip to the library supplied us with a few more DVDs and books. Cabin fever bites bad sometimes!

Why so much prepping for a few thunderstorms?
Well dear readers,  when it rains here I am positively stuck in my house!

My quarter mile driveway is impassable! Hubby parks his truck on the nearby dirt road and treks in thru the mud and sludge. While I can make the same trek it is very difficult and carrying groceries and gas etc is impossible!
And I like to leave my van parked up to the house if possible so I can charge my cell phone and give myself a place to sit and have a private phone call. :)

So yes living in the country can be difficult sometimes. Once my van is up near the house it can't be moved down for days! And hubby doesn't always make it home at night- he's a trucker. So I need to be ready for anything.

So I like to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before that first bolt of lightening!

What is it like when it storms at your place? Comment and tell me!

my living room

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  1. Anonymous11:00 AM

    My biggest issue for storms is the tornado aspect. They don't hit often here, but enough that living in a mobile home makes it nerve wracking when we get a warning. I am praying sometime down the road I can put in a storm shelter, for now we will go to a friends if we have to (and if we have enough warning). I totally understand the weather affecting you, as we had a lot of that with snow storms in NH. Sometimes I wouldn't go out for a couple weeks, because I didn't want to deal with the messy roads.

    I love the new set up with the chairs, it looks so comfy!

  2. I would love to read a blog about your water "catching" and how long it lasts, etc!

  3. I have a quarter mile driveway that needs me gravel so I hear you! Great post.