Boosting Your Child's Immune System

OK I am no expert. But I am a mom who loves her kids and would do anything for their health.

With the diseases that are occurring in the States now and the respiratory illness that hit my town (!) I have been searching the net for help!

Well after learning tons about essential oils and herbs, as well as homeopathy, I came away with a list of items for my medical arsenal.
Then hubby dropped the bomb- we have no money for extras til January! Not even $10.

Well. That . Bites.

I was beginning to get a bad attitude. So I prayed.
God let me know that my kids are not sick right now. And all the things I was looking at were for those who were sick. Except a few that helped beef up the immune system. And I could do that with food!

So I began looking more into foods that would boost the immune system.

Oats. Who knew? Yep oats will boost your immune system! So I planned oatmeal for two breakfasts. And oatmeal blueberry muffins. Plus blueberries are one of the best antioxidants out there! And oatmeal raisin cookies for a treat. Raisins are good for remineralizing teeth too.!

Yogurt . Since I live off grid I have not attempted to make yogurt as I did when I lived on grid. So I have been buying Stoneybrook.  Turns out that is the only brand that has the strain of lactobilius that actually helps your body. Guess what breakfast is!

Salmon. Seems salmon protects your lungs!! That will be helpful in keeping a respiratory illness at bay.

Black tea. Easy- we drink it every day anyway.

Barley- remember when I wrote this post about our favorite meal? Well Sunday supper it is!

Mushrooms- these little buggers act just like echinachea!!! Amazing! I planned a lunch with mushrooms as a side dish and will be adding them to all sorts of dishes!

Coconut oil- a spoonful here and there. Cooking and baking with it. ( tortillas heated in coconut oil are soooo good!)
May I suggest Tropical Traditions? There's a handy link in my left sidebar if you wish to order any ;)

Garlic and onions. You can stir these two in anything!! Now what I was reading says you need to eat two cloves of garlic daily to get the most benefits but every little bit helps!

Chicken soup. Again, remember my post?  My chicken barley soup to the rescue! Yes it really is true that chicken noodle/barley soup has immunity boosters and is great for whatever ails ya!

Oh and an hour a day in the sunlight gives us all the Vitamin D  we need. Now I know in the winter weather you may not get enough sunlight to matter so I give my kids Animal Parade Gold. It is one of the only brands that contains vitamins D and K. Both help remineralize teeth- which is how I discovered is-and there's that vitamin D we need!!

OK, like I said I am not a doctor or anything. But these are a few things I have learned and wanted to share with you. Hope I have helped a little!

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  1. Anonymous2:53 PM

    I agree with all those foods! Also, since you most likely nursed your kids when they were babies, you already gave them a great start in life! Maybe that is why so many kids are getting ill these days. Maybe they were bottle-fed. My kids were rarely sick growing up. I was bottle fed when I was a baby, and I was always sick during childhood.

  2. Yep I nursed 'em. A few til age 4 almost! And like yours, mine rarely get sick :). Tami