Lacey and Lilly

 My goats are here! Lacey and Lilly!

Here is a pic of their barn

We still need to add the doors for cold weather

See their food trough? I put baking soda ( to help with bloat ) on one side , food in the middle and minerals on the other side.

I have wanted goats for a long time and I am thrilled to get my La manchas! 

I am keeping the girls in the pen for a week to get acclimated but then I will stake them out daily so they can browse and graze all day. That will help my feed bill!  I have dog tie outs and chains  to stake them out with.

I am so happy to get them!  Do you have goats? Do you want goats? Comment and let me know!

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  1. I'd love to have a couple of goats to help eat down the poison ivy and wild mary jane....but, my husband won't hear of it. Evidently in 1980, a goat of his cousins, got on his first new car and climbed to the top and damaged it. He has been anti goat since....

  2. I would love to have 2 pygmy goats so I dont have to mow the back LOL! I would also love to try my hand at cheeses and goat milk soaps....but it wont happen right now as hubby has already said he wants to get through kids AND college before any homesteading dreams of mine are even addressed- sigh....but hey if YOU do goats milk soap..I would so BUY some from you!!!

  3. Oh I forgot to ask...do your goats not have ears??

    1. They are la manchas, their ears are flat against their heads.

  4. Anonymous7:17 AM

    My youngest daughter loves goats. When we visit a local orchard, which has lots of goats, she spends alot of time feeding them. Years ago, when I would visit my aunt, who was allergic to cow's milk; she had a pet goat that she would use for milk.

  5. Anonymous11:21 AM

    We have 3 goats. I pygmy/Nigerian cross doe and 2 Nigerian does. We planned on having them for milk, but they just don't give very much!

  6. Hey Tami! I am so happy you finally got your goats...I know its been a dream of yours for so long! We have 2 goats...All dairy breed....We have a Nubian/Alpine doe she gives a gallon a day of milk...I have a Nubian/Apline/Toggenburg Doe just bred this year....I have a Nubian/Alpine/Nigerian Dwarf buck and doeling(brother and sister) 1 nigerian/nubian/toggenburg buck that is our herd sire this year.... and I have one purebred LaMancha with gopher ears, they stick out just a little bit from the sides of the head...they are not flat like yours both ways are acceptable...We drink the milk and I cook with it...I have been raising goats and making soap for years and we love it...I also freeze an extra in case I ever need it for goat babies in the event mama cant take of them...