Reviewing the Nourishing Diet

 Overwhelming! That is the word Melissa Naasko uses and she is so right! It seems when you want to change your family's eating habits you get overwhelmed with all the information out there and end up dazed and confused.
No more!
With Melissa's book, The Nourishing Diet, you get the background behind the "real food movement" but you also get information on what real changes you can make easily for your family.
First Melissa will introduce you to a new way of thinking about certain foods, like salt, and then she will take you deeper into the subjects, giving you information on exactly how you can incorporate these new ideas into your way of life. You will get step by step instructions, like exactly how to make bone broth . (and why you should!)
And if you think Melissa is leaving you hanging out to dry she even includes a list of resources! So no excuses! You can switch your family to a healthier diet, one of real foods . One that will leave your family healthier and happier!

And right now this terrific little ebook is on sale for only $2.99. You'll see my link on the right sidebar for orfering info :). ( or you can use my handy dandy Amazon shopping button on the top left sidebar)

For more great info and tips check out Melissa's writings at  Dyno- Mom, absolutely , hands-down, one of my favorite blogs!!

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