Free Magazines? How?

It's no secret that I don't have a lot of money. If I did would I ask you to please please please make your Amazon purchases thru my link on the top left sidebar?
Anyway, I digress. What this post is about how I still manage to get magazines which I love to read but not pay for them.!

Here are a few links that are always freebies.

Above Rubies-  A fantastic Christian  keeper at home magazine that encourages women on their sometimes difficult journey in a world of a different culture.

Good News Magazine- the biblically based flagship publication of the United Church of God,tho I am not Church of God I have never found anything to disagree with in this publication.

Lego-- yep , for the kids.

Living the Country Life- all the same good stuff the bigger magazines write about but you can get it for free!

Now these are free magazine subscription sites that may or may not have what you are looking for but they are worth checking about once a week to see what new ones pop up.

All Free Magazines-- I have gotten many good magazines from here . The categories are on the sidebar. Have fun!!

Mercury Magazines- Don't be fooled! Even tho they want you to receive the free business magazines too , they still offer the ones you and I are looking for, totally free. My daughter receives every horse magazine that is written  for no cost to her every month! And I enjoy my Better Homes and Gardens.

Rewards Gold- Even tho this site asks you to jump thru a few hoops it is more than worth it.  By answering some questions about your shopping habits, eating habits etc you earn points and those points equal vouchers for freebies. Not hard at all and you learn to not get bogged down in detail when answering the questions lol   I have received Martha Stewart totally free each month for 3 years or more and never paid anything. Of course I have gotten other great titles too, including bridal mags for my girls to flip thru!

By using these sites I am able to get 30 magazines a month totally free!!! Now keep in mind that I have been at this for years! But it is possible! These sites don't limit you to one subscription so load up!

Please comment and let me know which mags you picked out!

This birthday girl loves to read!

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